Fuck you. I still haven’t watched any of season 4 of Game of Thrones. You eat too much pizza and you feel like shit. Kind of like the shit that the person who delivered it feels as they drive back to wherever the fuck with the 3 dollar tip you probably gave them. That “fuck you” wasn’t directed to anyone in general I swear. I’d rather be a shitty piece of pizza in the bottom of someones stomach than grow up and act as corny as my dad does. Auto-correct and spell check have turned me into a shitty speller. I told myself I was going to refrain from drinking for a week. I just looked at an empty beer bottle and craved for it to be full. I will refrain, though. You will see.

Is it okay that the only things that make me feel better are music and being drunk? I think it is. Just a phase right?